Psychic Services

Psychic Spirit Readings


Spirit readings are messages received from your people in the Spirit Realm (this may include family, Spirit Guides and/or those within your Spirit Group) where I am the translator.

I do not use divination tools because I can hear and/or see Spirit in many different ways. There are many times I “hear” Spirit telepathically (through thought communication within my mind) or with my physical ears just as I would hear any incarnated being here in the Physical Plane. I may also see Spirits in the form of energy (what I affectionately call “sparklies”), in a column of white light, a human form of white light or view the Spirit in detail as he/she was in physical form. I cannot guarantee how I will hear or see any given Spirit at any given time.


If you are in the Southwestern Arizona area you may receive an in person reading at 960 W. Main Street until April. Do stop in!

Remote online readings may be schedule on Wednesdays only 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Mountain Time and will take place on Zoom. Please contact me at


$25 per 15 minutes


I am not a “fortune teller” nor do I predict the future as the power of the mind is so potent that we can and do change the most probable outcome seen by Spirit should our subconscience choose to do so.

Message from Spirit regarding future events are the most probable outcome at the present moment of the reading and are given solely for your own consideration.

I, nor Spirits, are doctors and, therefore, we do not give medical advice. Spirit may merely advise that you pay heed to a potential medical issue which may require attention.

Nor am I a financial expert and, therefore, do not give financial advice. Any financial information which may come through in a message should be brought to a professional for further consideration.