Beaded Pashmina Scarf: Transferring

I have several of these scarfs which I will be beading in preparation for vending at the Seligman Farmers Market. In this video I show you how I transfer the pattern onto the delicate fabric.

Humanity, Grow Up Already!

Judging others, control, reliance on corporations and governments, cruelty, name calling and the list goes on and on. When is enough enough already?

The Homestead Community

Homesteading has been a dream of mine for a very long time. Well, it appears that dream is finally coming to fruition! What a way to live!

Why The Homeless?

Have you ever questioned why there are homeless? What to be done is not creating shelters or slapping them into jobs which do not suit them. It is not judging or berating them which will help either. The solution is the same as it is for all the ills and evils in our society….a totalContinue reading “Why The Homeless?”

A Planet Of Love And Light

Today we discuss what our planet and society can be as long as we stay the course. Many psychic mediums are receiving messages of a beautiful and peaceful Earth so long as the mass concensus keeps their focus on this. Blossom Goodchild channeling White Cloud and the Federation Of Light: