Education Or Indoctrination?

Is the educational system truly teaching our children? Is our children’s best interest considered in the curriculums? What is the true motivation of the educational system? Today I discuss what I and both of my sons experienced.

Is Society A Cult?

Over the years I have pondered what a cult is. I have often wondered how society does not fit under that definition. Just some food for thought. Discuss!

Are You Sure You Are Not Evangelizing?

Is evangelizism solely done by the religious or have we all done it at one time or another? Today we talk about what evangelizism is and how it effects us and those around us.

Vocabulary Lesson: Liberal

I’m fed up with the meaning of words being changed so flippantly in order to serve a group’s agenda; therefore, I have decided to do a series of vocabularly lessons in an attempt to remind everyone what words actually mean. Today our lesson is on the word “Liberal”. In my effort to reteach the word,Continue reading “Vocabulary Lesson: Liberal”

What Does The Government Own?

Today we are discussing a question I posed to my son the other day. Really think about it before answering. Plus is there a bettern way to have community and governance?