Homemade Arthritis Liniment

I recently created a video of me making arthritis salve for my sister. I want to try different things for pain relief and I’m using my sister as a guinea pig so today I made arthritis liniment for her to try.

Samhain Blessings

Samhain Blessings to all! This has been my first Samhain in the very first place I’ve ever owned. It truly was a beautiful night.

My New Altar Piece

Before I became a nomad and lived in sticks n bricks, I had a beautiful altar in my home. I would change it with every turn of the wheel. Now that I’m building my own home I can begin to think about having an altar again. This is the first piece I purchased for myContinue reading “My New Altar Piece”

My Recovery From Chronic Illness

After suffering a stroke at age 44, I began suffering from ME/CFS which led to my entire system becoming ill for ten years. Everything including epilepsy, esophagitis,gastritis, duodenitis, IBS, mastoiditis, bursitis, osteoarthritis, cervical radiculipathy, degenerative disc disease etc. At 58 I’m now healthier than ever.

Home Remedy: Pain Relief Salve

The cold damp season is arriving and that means pain and achy joints. Here is a simple recipe for an all natural herbal pain salve.