I Identifify As Pop

I just wanted to le t you all know of a channel I have just started watching. This man is amazing! I highly recommend him to all.

Eternity And Health Care

Today I am commenting on a fascinating video I watched this morning (link below). If doctors are aware of how we plan our lives and deaths before incarnating they can better care for their patients. It is refreshing to find a health care working with views like mine.

Church Membership Declining

I heard some statistics yesterday morning on the news regarding declining church membership. They speculated on the reasons for this and then touted the advantages of being a church goer. But are these advantages limited to church goers?

Just Because She’s So Cute!

This is just for fun this morning. I bought my cat Persephone a new toy. This is the best toy I have ever purchased for any of my cats and she is having a blast!

Is NASA Coming Clean About ETs?

I just happened to watch a couple videos today about NASA hiring a religious official to help break the news about ETs. I found this interesting and felt like doing a quick video on it. I don’t go into much detail but may in future videos.

Happy New Year! It Will Get Better

Just wanted to spread some New Year blessings to everyone! Today I talk about my positive outlook for the future. We, including you, are worthy of so much better! And, YES! You ARE capable!

Death And Happiness

How do death and happiness coincide? Knowing the truth about death and thereby banishing the fear equates to true living and happiness.

Stuck Between Realms

What we must remember while incarnated in human form is that even when we think we know something spiritual, we do not understand it fully; therefore, to make assumptions is not only arrogant but harmful to others. That being said I am addressing a topic in this video which I feel important in maintaining balanceContinue reading “Stuck Between Realms”