A United Army To Protect The Children

With all the horrors going on in the world today, we must put aside our differences to make positive changes, particularly when it comes to the children.

Earth: A Planet Of Abundance

Although this video doesn’t appear to be about homesteading and survival, it actually is. This planet is full of everything we need to survive. It’s time we went back to seeing that and being grateful for it. We can unmanifest the way things are now and become self-reliant and joyful.

Drink Your Raw Milk!

Our farmers and ranchers are under attack. Now more than ever we must support them. In this video I discuss the importance of farmers and ranchers in our lives and my wonderful experience of doing business with them and other small family owned businesses. My Favorite Bedtime Beverage Heat a mug of raw milk AddContinue reading “Drink Your Raw Milk!”

This Old Girl Pounded Fence Posts All By Her Lonesome!

I really didn’t think I could do it but I did! I went and bought supplies to build a fence around my property and then…miracle of miracles…I pounded the posts in myself! PS I decided to go with a 12′ gate for ease of access and egress for my travel trailer.)

Attracting Goodwill

The law of attraction can be used for much more than just your own personal life. We can attract a better tomorrow!