AfraidOf Change

It seems that most of my life I have heard “That is just the way things are.” Acceptance can be a good thing but when taken to the point that you must settle for less than what you deserve it then becomes unhealthy. It implies you are powerless and can do nothing about your situation.Continue reading “AfraidOf Change”

Quiet Rebellion

Standing your ground, standing up what is right for you done must done a loving a manner. It’s about choice and personal sovereignity.

Please Don’t X Me Out

In our efforts to rid ourselves of racism, we are promoting it. We place more labels on people in these efforts which only creates more division. As long as we believe that oppression is an elevation in status then humanity will never ascend to the point that it should be. Yes, in this video IContinue reading “Please Don’t X Me Out”

Here We Are

In a video the other day my son mentioned my reaction as I walked into the “real world” at the age of 5. Upon walking into my kindergarten classroom on that first day of school back in 1969, I had a sense of “this is it? This is what I have to put up withContinue reading “Here We Are”