Life, Death, Infinity

I often speak of pre-life planning. We are eternal beings who existed before we were born into this life. Prior to coming into our lives we plan what we wish to get out of that life. What do we wish to learn, to achieve…how do we wish to grow? Moreover, we decide how we wishContinue reading “Life, Death, Infinity”

Church Membership Declining

I heard some statistics yesterday morning on the news regarding declining church membership. They speculated on the reasons for this and then touted the advantages of being a church goer. But are these advantages limited to church goers?

Should We Go Back To Normal?

I often hear people say they can’t wait to go back to normal (ie, pre Covid). But is that truly a good idea? What about a new normal? A new and improved way of life? In this video we discuss what that may be.

Happy New Year! It Will Get Better

Just wanted to spread some New Year blessings to everyone! Today I talk about my positive outlook for the future. We, including you, are worthy of so much better! And, YES! You ARE capable!

The Definition Of Hesitant

The definition of words are changing so quickly, nearly every other day, that I cannot keep up. When I heard a word used in referrence to myself I just had to look up the word to make sure the definition had not changed. Who makes these decisions anyway?

To Merely Observe

When I first began my awakening I kept coming across the concept of “observing”. For the life of me, I could not understand what anyone meant by it. To me observing was just sitting and watching and not doing a damn thing. Although I watched video after video and read blog post after blog postContinue reading “To Merely Observe”

Is Truth Relative?

Several years ago there was a lot of hype in the spiritual community about truth being relative. I was very interested in this concept at the time; however, when any concept in spirituality gets to the point of impracticality, I lose interest. So, is truth relative? Yes…and no. When taking truth under consideration we mustContinue reading “Is Truth Relative?”

Divide And Conquer

I speak often about the use of the tactic divide and conquer. It is ever so effective in control over a great number of people, whether it be an area, country or planet. Charles Eisenstein is the greatest philosopher and author of our time. Because of him I need not go into a lengthy postContinue reading “Divide And Conquer”