Take Responsibility For Yourself

Nothing in this world makes sense anymore. One of the biggest problems I cannot understand is blaming someone else’s actions on those who had no involvement. Being responsible for yourself does not just include self-care.

Let’s Not Turn This Into A Witch Hunt

With all the polarization occurring today we must learn to turn on our spidey senses and use discernment. What is truly immoral and must be dealt with? What is truly worth getting bent out of shape about? Is what is right for yourself,right for all?

Are We Being Duped?

I can’t help but wonder if many of those who post about being pro immoral behavior on social media aren’t actually real people. Are they bots? Are they hired to make it seem as if there are more of them than there are of us?

Satanists And Witches

Are they the same? Is there a connection? The narrative has been going around for centuries but does that mean it’s correct?

Why Live In Fear?

I just watched a video by @LittleHouseOffGrid called I’m Sorry But This Is Really Bad News https://youtu.be/Jb2DiggKR8Q which prompted my thoughts contained in my video here. Is living in fear and panic helpful? Is it really worth it? How should we handle and process current events?

A Truly Free Market

I met some young entrepreneurs this past weekend who truly inspired me. It got me to thinking about what my definition of a truly free market is.

Chemtrails, Contrails, Cloud Seeding. What Do You Think?

We’ve been having a lot of chemtrails in my area lately but this morning I awoke to much more than usual. Later in the morning after watching a video by @JeanClaude BeyondMystic003 I felt the need to do a video on the topic myself.

Is Trade/Barter The Key To Our Freedom?

I’ve been wanting to get into trading and bartering for quite some time now. Yesterday I made my first trade and I’m thinking “I could live like this”. Without crypto or a fiat currency system we can’t be controlled. Is trading the key to our freedom?