When Unity Is Taken Too Far

Unity is a beautiful practice in spirituality; however, when taken too far we lose who we are. This puts us in danger of others defining us and being used.

I’m A Domestic Goddess!

Today, instead of working outdoors, I worked indoors. Just a quick glimpse of what I’ve been up to.

Sheep Ot Goats?

I would love any advice any of you have to offer. My grandpap didn’t have sheep or goats on the farm and my friend in Ohio has none on hers so I know nothing about either. Yrying to decide which I should get.

So I Got A Gate?

I purchased a used gate, which I didn’t expect perfection from, and installation was included. They were supposed to return to put in a gate wheel but customer service was so poor I’ll be doing that myself. Hopefully, I can fix the installation errors.