The Mystery Lid

A couple of weeks ago I found an old wooden lid in my friend’s thrift store. I am not sure what it once belonged to…a barrel, a basket? All I knew was I just had to have it because, as usual, I could do something with that. It did not take long before I hadContinue reading “The Mystery Lid”

How Art Saved My Life

I have always enjoyed sketching and painting; however, when I was a young adult life got in the way and I put my art supplies away. I was so engrossed in raising my children and trying to make ends meet that I never even thought about painting. Besides, back in those days the attitude wasContinue reading “How Art Saved My Life”

OMG! It FINALLY Happened!

After nearly two months, I am excited to announce that my domain,, has finally transferred! Now by simply entering my web address you will end up on this website. Whew! I thought it would never happened and I was worried about having to change all my marketing such as business cards, booth sign andContinue reading “OMG! It FINALLY Happened!”

Having Fun With Oak!

As I have mentioned in the past, I fell in love with painting on wood when I found a couple of slices of a tree trunk at the entrance to Boot Hill Cemetery in Pioche, Nevada. Since that time I just cannot get enough wood to paint on! I’m not sure what the attraction is.Continue reading “Having Fun With Oak!”

Birthstone Hair Barrettes

Living in the town which I do, I have easy access to crystals. Everywhere you look in Quartzsite, Arizona there are crystal shops and crystal vendors. Not to mention, as our town name implies, there is quartz wherever you walk in the desert. I cannot help but walk through the desert and pick up quartzContinue reading “Birthstone Hair Barrettes”