A Native Tribute

I have finally completed the piece I have been working on so painstakingly. I worked on this with great care, love and diligence regardless of what anyone may think. This painting means a lot to me because as I painted it I thought of a man I know…an Iriquois Native man who lived on theContinue reading “A Native Tribute”

The Mystery Lid

A couple of weeks ago I found an old wooden lid in my friend’s thrift store. I am not sure what it once belonged to…a barrel, a basket? All I knew was I just had to have it because, as usual, I could do something with that. It did not take long before I hadContinue reading “The Mystery Lid”

How Art Saved My Life

I have always enjoyed sketching and painting; however, when I was a young adult life got in the way and I put my art supplies away. I was so engrossed in raising my children and trying to make ends meet that I never even thought about painting. Besides, back in those days the attitude wasContinue reading “How Art Saved My Life”

OMG! It FINALLY Happened!

After nearly two months, I am excited to announce that my domain, gypsywitchcreations.com, has finally transferred! Now by simply entering my web address you will end up on this website. Whew! I thought it would never happened and I was worried about having to change all my marketing such as business cards, booth sign andContinue reading “OMG! It FINALLY Happened!”

Having Fun With Oak!

As I have mentioned in the past, I fell in love with painting on wood when I found a couple of slices of a tree trunk at the entrance to Boot Hill Cemetery in Pioche, Nevada. Since that time I just cannot get enough wood to paint on! I’m not sure what the attraction is.Continue reading “Having Fun With Oak!”