Vocabulary Lesson: Liberal

I’m fed up with the meaning of words being changed so flippantly in order to serve a group’s agenda; therefore, I have decided to do a series of vocabularly lessons in an attempt to remind everyone what words actually mean. Today our lesson is on the word “Liberal”. In my effort to reteach the word,Continue reading “Vocabulary Lesson: Liberal”

What Does The Government Own?

Today we are discussing a question I posed to my son the other day. Really think about it before answering. Plus is there a bettern way to have community and governance?

Healed By The Sun

(Featured image was taken of me by my son in October 2017 on Airport Mesa in Sedona, Arizona.) Aside from being born with congenital hip displaysia I had always been very healthy. I was rarely ill and when I was I ran fevers very infrequently (I have a lower than average body temperature so thisContinue reading “Healed By The Sun”

I Identifify As Pop

I just wanted to le t you all know of a channel I have just started watching. This man is amazing! I highly recommend him to all.

Life, Death, Infinity

I often speak of pre-life planning. We are eternal beings who existed before we were born into this life. Prior to coming into our lives we plan what we wish to get out of that life. What do we wish to learn, to achieve…how do we wish to grow? Moreover, we decide how we wishContinue reading “Life, Death, Infinity”