Samhain Blessings

Samhain Blessings to all! This has been my first Samhain in the very first place I’ve ever owned. It truly was a beautiful night.

My New Altar Piece

Before I became a nomad and lived in sticks n bricks, I had a beautiful altar in my home. I would change it with every turn of the wheel. Now that I’m building my own home I can begin to think about having an altar again. This is the first piece I purchased for myContinue reading “My New Altar Piece”

Life, Death, Infinity

I often speak of pre-life planning. We are eternal beings who existed before we were born into this life. Prior to coming into our lives we plan what we wish to get out of that life. What do we wish to learn, to achieve…how do we wish to grow? Moreover, we decide how we wishContinue reading “Life, Death, Infinity”

Is NASA Coming Clean About ETs?

I just happened to watch a couple videos today about NASA hiring a religious official to help break the news about ETs. I found this interesting and felt like doing a quick video on it. I don’t go into much detail but may in future videos.

The Fear Of Death

I was in one Christian denomination or another until the age of 45 when I finally realized that Christianity did not serve me. Yes, it works for some but not for all. There is no one size fits all when it comes to our spiritual paths. In Christianity the wonders of life after this oneContinue reading “The Fear Of Death”

Stuck Between Realms

What we must remember while incarnated in human form is that even when we think we know something spiritual, we do not understand it fully; therefore, to make assumptions is not only arrogant but harmful to others. That being said I am addressing a topic in this video which I feel important in maintaining balanceContinue reading “Stuck Between Realms”

A Native Tribute

I have finally completed the piece I have been working on so painstakingly. I worked on this with great care, love and diligence regardless of what anyone may think. This painting means a lot to me because as I painted it I thought of a man I know…an Iriquois Native man who lived on theContinue reading “A Native Tribute”