1. 53old says:

    A few hours ago I installed a 10 foot ground rod. I used a 5 pound sledge hammer to get it started and switched to 10 pound hammer when it was about half way in the ground. It took me about 15 minutes to install the ground rod.

    I would have used a fence post driver, but it is in storage and I didn’t feel like driving 25 miles to go get it.

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    1. Gypsy Witch Creations & Psychic Services says:

      My problem probably is that my mallet isn’t heavy enough. The soil here is sand and clay and it’s very arrid here so the ground is very hard even after a rain. I think I’ll have to wait for my very strong son to handle this one. I also have travel 25 miles at least to get anywhere.

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      1. 53old says:

        The soil is very similar here. And, yes, it takes a very heavy hammer.


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