Living In A New Reality

As I have mentioned in the past, I have always felt that something just was not right with this world. I always wondered why we had to work more often than we relaxed and actually appreciated and enjoyed life. Why did we need to use the monetary system to get what we needed? Is this really what the Creator intended for us and this planet? If life is a gift then why isn’t it free? Why must we constantly pay for it when the meaning of the word “gift” implies free and unconditional?

During recent years, and particularly currently with all that is occurring, my questions from the time I first walked into that kindergarten classroom until now are finally, not only being answered, but rectified.

My biggest and most important answer was to the question whether or not the Creator intended for society and life in general to be this way. The answer is “no” but since it appeared that this is what we wanted…well, it is what we got.

What I have been witnessing lately is that many people, whether they realize it on a conscious level or not, are seeing this also. No, it does not have to be this way and we can change it if we wish.

I am in no way saying that we all sit around with our faces in our phones doing nothing while the powers that be hand everything to us and “take care” of us. I am actually saying the opposite.

I believe that each and every one of us is born with abilities and talents which are our passions meant to be contributed to our communities. Instead of being educated for a career simply because it is lucrative or, as in the case of my generation, taking whatever job you can get whether you like it or not and be grateful, we used our abilities and talents to create a life for ourselves and our communities.

When our “work” is our passion and our talent it ceases to feel like work. It is our joy and using it to contribute to the enrichment of others lives makes the “work” all the more joyful.

Many believe that the Creator said we must work to live. Maybe this is the case and maybe not; however, I believe that “work to live” meant things such as foraging, hunting, farming, domestic arts, etc. These are the things we need to live…all else is frivolity.

I do not wish to imply that frivolities are wrong. I am only implying that the necessities of life are what comes first and we can and should be independent enough to get them for ourselves or within our own small community. Then should you wish for frivolities there is probably someone in your community who has the talent and ability to provide it.

The changes I have always longed for I am finally manifesting in my life. Although a long wait, I feel as if the process is speeding up lately. These changes are my desires…what you long for may be much different and you have the ability to manifes the life you want.

The last few days I have been feeling very positive and confident about the direction I am headed. Although I grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, I have always been a country girl at heart.

My father was raised on a farm in southwestern Pennsylvania. My grandparents kept that farm until my grandmother died (it now belongs to my cousin and his wife). My fondest memories were spending time on the farm out in the country. I just knew as a child that I was not destined to remain in the city.

My country farming family

My desire has always been for a quiet, simple life in the country surrounded by nature growing my own food off grid, cooking, canning, baking, painting, crafting and running my own business where I would no have need of an on-line store.

I now live in Arizona and lately I have been blessed with the opportunity to grow my own food and run my business locally. I am soon to introduce my love of herbs into my business. I live off grid and even water needs to be brought up here via a truck.

My future plans are to have the space to go back to canning and baking my own bread. Possibly getting a new sewing machine and return to sewing purses, suspenders and ties to sell. I am working toward my business becoming locally strong enough that I will no longer have need of the internet. I find being connected to the entire planet 24/7 overwhelming.

I admit that it is hard work. Every day I wake up and shovel dirt, plant seeds and plants, prune, remove debris, work on my business, etc. Every night I go to bed tired but satisfied. To me it is not work…it is my passion and my joy…and I am independent.


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