Life Has Been Busy With Exciting Ventures!

With starting a homestead, running my own business, vending and being a tad bit involved in activism my life has been busy. The good news is that these are all activities which I love and am passionate about.

Today was the grand opening of the Seligman Community Farmers Market in Seligman, Arizona on Historic Route 66. We expected to have three vendors but ended up with four and we had more foot traffic than we expected. I believe that for the first day my sales were not too bad.

One customer told me that she is very interested in culinary herbs. I told her that I would have those very soon. I realized that I have enough lavender which could be harvested this week to create a bundle or two to sell. I figure this could be a good experiment on how fresh bundled herbs go over. After that I am going to try to sell fresh rosemary and if all goes well I will add in more herbs.

As for my garden, my butterhead lettuce is doing well so far. I may have excess of that and sell a few of those at my booth. I have also planted a great deal of tomato and pepper seeds sooooo….if that produces a good crop I will be selling those and canning my very own authentic Sicilian pasta sauce to vend also.

I am hoping to obtain a canner at some point and return to my passion of making jams and jellies. My blueberry jam is to die for! Maybe in addition to that I will add in homemade bread to go with my jam…who knows.

Being an artist, psychic medium and homesteader leaves my booth being an ecclectic assortment assortment of goods and services. Eventually it will be a gallery, gift shop and produce and homebaked goods stand.

So if you are in the area or planning a road trip down Historic Route 66 stop by and see us. We are located between the KOA and the Pizza Joint/Wagon Wheel Motel.

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