Beaded Hair Bandanas Are Now Available!

White And Navy Beaded Hair Bandana

As a full-time nomad who typically lives in the desert, I consistently wear bandanas in my hair. The desert wind, sand and dust cause my hair to blow in my face and become dirty quicker than usual. When I remembered that back in the late 70’s it was the fashion to wear bandanas in our hair I decided to return to bandanas to combat these hair issues I am currently having. I must admit that I truly missed wearing bandanas and even though I am decades older it still looks good.

After awhile I became bored with the same old bandanas and decided to dress them up a bit. I was so pleased with the results that I decided to make more for you! So….

I am so happy to announce that I currently have four beaded hair bandanas available at Gypsy Witch Creations & Psychic Services!

These bandanas which I currently have in stock are 20″ x 20″ and are made of a silky 100% polyester. They feature bead fringe along the edge to frame your face and are available in black and white, white and black, navy and white and white and navy.

And the price is a mere $4 USD!

More exciting news! Yesterday I was able to procure several gorgeous scarfs. Today I am going to begin designing patterns to embroider beads on these scarfs. And for those of you who are into pashmina, I have three scarfs which are 100% pashmina! So stay tuned for these beauties!

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