Beaded Hair Bandanas Coming Soon!

Being a full-time nomad who lives in the desert requires me to keep my hair restrained. The desert winds can be ferocious and cause my hair to fly all over the place and become tangled. When you are a nomad who lives in the middle of the wilderness water and showers cannot be an every day event. My solution? Hair bandanas. They keep my hair out of my face and keeps my hair cleaner for longer.

I was getting bored with plain old bandanas and decided to dress them up a bit. I have access to many gorgeous and unique beads during the winter so I chose to stitch beads hanging down the edges of my my bandanas.

I enjoy them so much that I decided to create some for you! I will be purchasing new bandanas and beads and then they will be listed for sale on this site. The price is not set yet determined but they will be reasonable (under $10). If you wish not to wait simply contact me at and let me know the colors and quantity you want. I will make your bandana immediately and ship it to you.

I will, in the future, be creating beaded scarves. These will have much more intricate designs. Stayed tuned for those!

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