Make A Statement With The Gypsy Witch!

Decentralize American Eagle Bumper Sticker

When the opportunity to rent vending spce this season came to me it was so quick I really did not have time to prepare. I did not have any of my print on demand items in stock. I only had them available for order on my website. So I decided to sell what I did have in stock…my original artwork.

It has become ovbious to me that in this neck of the woods there is no interestest in unique original artwork and sales have been very slow. This made me regret not having print on demand items on hand. Maybe these more practical products would sell better.

As a small experiment I placed an order for a couple print on demand items to sell at my booth for the remainder of the season. I don’t have much money to invest quite yet so I chose two items and ordered smallquantities. It remains to be seen if this portion of my business venture will fare better in Quartzsite.

I picked one theme: my Decentralize American Eagle line and two products: tee shirts and bumper stickers. Should these sell I will be ordering more products.

Fingers crossed!!

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