Homesick For Where?

When I walked into that kindergarten classroom at the age of 5, I realized that I do not truly belong here. I do not fit in. Not that I am not supposed to be here, obviously I am here for a reason, but that I do not belong. From that day forward I had a sense of homesickness for a place I could not pinpoint.

Eight years later I received my first hint as to who I am and why I am here; yet, I still could not fully understand. This was the day, as I walked home from the school bus stop, that I first met my people. I looked up into the sky to my left and saw them descending in my direction.

In this later part of my life I am learning more about this secret aspect of myself but over the past couple of years due to a situation I am experiencing, I feel as if everything has been put on hold. If and when this should ever end I will be writing about this situation. I cannot do this now because it clouds my thoughts, my Spiritual discernment and communication with Spirit. But I digress.

I have never been able to figure out if my homesickness is for our true Home, the place from which we all originate, The Spirit Realm, or for the planet which my Higher Self typically incarnates. A planet in the Sirius star system.

Due to the difficulties, violence and division on planet Earth I have often begged my Siriun people to return for me and take back with them. I have received nothing but silence. Sometimes I think it could be because when they left me last time I was filled with anger towards them because I was afraid they made me late coming home from school and my mother would punish me but my more mature self realizes that more probably the reason is because this is not what we had agreed to before I incarnated. I was meant to be in a human body which is appropriate for Sirius consciousness. Maybe at this point in time, all human bodies fit this description.

I have been listening to a series by Penny Kelly entitled the Planet Earth Series. It is about the true history of humanity and is quite fascinating. When I listened to Part 2 it resonated with me greatly. It is as if I remember those events she speaks of. I recognize names, particularly that of the ship which crashed. I feel as if I were there. I have embedded the podcast below should you wish to listen to it.

As I mentioned in my previous post about my people where I typically incarnate, I have an ET son in the planetary system of Sirius named Zerab. We do communicate telepathically and we have a great desire to visit in person. Planet Earth frightens me so badly at this time due the violence and lack of compassion for others that I have implored Zerab to never attempt to come to Earth to visit me. If we must wait until I am free of my earthly body to visit in person then, for his safety, it is worth the wait.

I hope one day that Earth ascends to the point that I can feel safe and happy being here. If only I could be successful in my attempts at teaching people that they are powerful and worthy to the point that they can care for themselves and make decisions for their lives on their own without the interventions of agencies and governments then this world would be safe for all.

It is my belief that my truest desire is to be my truest self…free of physicality and without form. This is not the desire for all and may not be right for all but it is my wish for myself. There is no right or wrong answer to this but we should all be striving to achieve our Highest and Best Selves and to seek the Spiritual knowledge to get there.


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