A Week Of Strange Encounters

I have spent the last few days sitting here trying to figure out why I hadencounters with a couple of people which were quite odd. Is there a message in these meetings? Is there a lesson? And if so, what?

The first incident occurred via a reading I was attempting to give. Yes, attempting. For the first time ever I sat down to do a reading and nothing came through from the Spirit Realm.

I cleared my mind and nothing….crickets. Hellooo? Is anyone there?

I then began to receive odds and ends. Something about going home. You have a good life, etc. Vague odds and ends. I was considering whether the Spirit Realm might be trying to make a fool. I consulted with two different people about this and they assured me it was not the Spirit Realm but the Physical Realm who was trying to make a fool of me. (Another which informed me that it is possible to block your thoughts to the point not even your Guides can hear them.)

Finally, I hear the client’s Guides say “you have a good life. What are you here for? What is your question? We cannot perceive your questions.”

The client says “I want to start a business. Will it work out for me?”

The Guides replied “it will do well. You are doing well.”

The client then admits to me that she, too, is a psychic medium who has 400 clients all around the globe. The client then says she wants to start doing what I am doing. Giving readings in person in Quartzsite. This is when I took over for her Guides because I knew how to do this.

I explained she must go to townhall and obtain a state tax ID number and a vendor’s license. “But I am Canadian and not a U.S. citizen so I don’t know if they will give me one.”

I told her I did not have the answer to that because being a U.S. citizen I did not need to inquire about that when I obtained my license and ID number; however, it never hurts to ask.

“Oh, I did go to townhall and ask. They said I could not obtain the tax number because I’m a foreigner” responds the client.

Oooookay. I asked her if she ever speaks to her Guides herself. She responded that she rarely does. In my head I am wondering what type of psychic medium never uses her abilities to her advantage and consult her Spirit Guides for wisdom?

At the end of the farce…I mean reading…she hands me her card with her U.S. phone number (so she can get more clients here in this country, she says). Why did she give me her card? I don’t know. But her list of psychic reading modes were lengthy. Medium, tarot reader, palmistry, etc. These are things which do not impress me … genuiness does, however.

Before I do a reading I not only clear my mind but place a circle of protection around my sitting area and many times surround it with salt in order to protect myself from lower vibrational non-physical entities. Maybe what I have learned from this situation is that I not only need to protect myself from non-physical entities but my client as well.

A couple days later I had an encounter with an evangelist. I must admit that due to my company name I have been expecting an incident such as this for quite some time.

I parked my truck, which does advertise my business, next to my booth. Almost immediately another truck pulls up next to mine with a decal that says “faith without works is dead”. I could not agree more.

After the man sat in his truck for a few minutes he came out and attacked. I was in the process of getting out my painting supplies so I could get to work. He could see I was busy. Anyone could have seen this.

The first thing he says to me is “are you a witch?” I respond yes. My previous incarnation as Martha Corey used to scare me away from admitting such things but now my righteous anger from her life and mine has me boldly proclaiming who I am with great pride.

The next question from the man was “how did you get the name Gypsy Witch?” With a grin on my face I told him that I found it in my Goodly Book Of Spells.

Excitedly he says to me “well I know something!”

“Really?” I respond, “I also know many things. Do tell.” As if I did not already know.

“I know Jesus!”

“Me, too!” I replied

“No”, he says “I’ve met him in person!”

“Me, too” I said. “Anytime I want I can call on him and have a two way conversation. He is my favorite Ascended Master.” (He obviously missed the psychic part on my advertisement.)

“Well, let me tell you about it” he says “On April….”

“Look. If you are here to preach, you are not welcom here. I was a Christian for 45 years and you have nothing to say I have not already heard.”

“But I don’t call myself a Christian,” he says, “I don’t like religion.”

“And neither do I”, I replied, “so if you are not here to preach then why are you here?”

“To say hello”

“Well, hello, then” I reply.

“Hello”, he says and proceeds to walk away, get in his truck and leave.

The only thing I can hink of is that I have been tested to see if I am truly and finally at that stage in my existence where I can stand up for myself and not cave in to someone else’s belief system. You see, in the past, I always felt that everyone else knew better than I did. Anytime someone indicated I was wrong I would change to their way of thinking. I was never good enough and everyone else was better.

Those days are so gone.


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