Healed By The Sun

(Featured image was taken of me by my son in October 2017 on Airport Mesa in Sedona, Arizona.)

Aside from being born with congenital hip displaysia I had always been very healthy. I was rarely ill and when I was I ran fevers very infrequently (I have a lower than average body temperature so this may have contributed to that).

At the age of 44 I had a stroke in the right occipital lobe. This left me legally blind for approximately eight months.

I spent five days in the hospital while they ran tests trying to figure what caused me to have a stroke at a young age. They never could figure this out but told me I would make a full recovery but be left with a small blind spot which I would naturally learn to work around. My life would get back to normal I was told by the doctors.

Although my life somewhat returned to normal, something was not quite right. Years after the fatigue from a stroke should be over, I was still suffering unexplainable fatigue. As time passed the fatigue worsened.

By the age of 47 I could not make definite plans. It was hit or miss and most of the time the fatigue was so overwhelming I had to cancel plans and stay in bed. At age 48 I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

My rheumatologist told me that there was no cure and that any treatment probably would not work. He offered to try certain medications but when I told him I do not do well with pharmaceuticals and I preferred a natural route, he breathed a sigh of relief and admitted that he did too although even natural would not do much for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. He recommended vitamins and such, sent me on my way and told should I have any questions to give him a call.

I left the doctor’s office feeling hopeless. No one could help me. I could not, no matter how hard I tried, get my life back.

As the years passed my health worsened. I began to have many aches and pains throughout my body and I spent part of 2017 and all of 2018 going to see doctors and having tests done.

Although I received many diagnoses such as occipital lobe epilepsy (they never told me in the hospital that stroke could lead to epilepsy), esophogitis, gastritis, duodenitis, IBS, MJT, osteoarthritis, bursitis, degenerative disk disease and cervical radiculopathy, I was told that in actuality I was very healthy and should not be feeling that ill. In other words, there was not much anyone could do to help me.

In the middle of all this illness, on Mother’s Day 2014, my older son John died. This did not help my health but it did speed up my Spiritual Awakening and, to be honest with you, my ethereal body has always been much more important to me than my physical body. Not that I do not care about my physical aspect but it was my true essence, discovering who I truly am, which has always played the most important role in my life.

One day in my early 50’s my younger son showed me a YouTube video which changed my life. He had been watching this channel for quite some time and his attitude was “mom, you’ve got to see this!”

The channel belonged to a young man who traveled the United States in his Jeep. He lived, slept, camped in his Jeep. He was free and enjoying his life. It never dawned on me that such a life was possible. I looked at my son and said “I want to do this some day.”

At this time I lived in Northeast Ohio and was having quite a longing to go to Sedona. As ill as I was, I asked my son if he would join me on a vacation to Sedona to spend Halloween and celebrate my birthday there.

Our time there was wonderful, not only because of Arizona’s beauty, but because of the quality mother/son time we had together. My health was okay for the first part of the trip but on the evening of November 2, the eve of my birthday, I came down with an infection and 104 degree fever (yes, me, who rarely ran fevers). My delirium frightened my son and he rushed me to the hospital. I was released with strong antibiotics and recovered as much as someone in my health condition could.

As we were leaving Arizona, I told my son that I did not want to go back to Ohio. I wanted to stay in Arizona and that one day I would live there. I felt I belonged in Arizona and that it was now my home.

Having mysterious illnesses, plus coming across so many suffering from them, I became filled with righteous anger. Why? Why was this happening?

My Spiritual Awakening opened my eyes (all three of them) to the fact that something was just not right with every aspect of our environment: food, water, air, etc. Toxins and poisons everywhere is what I believe causes these strange and mysterious illnesses.

In May of 2019 my dream of travel and Arizona began to come to fruition. I moved west, acquired a truck and trailer and got on the road.

During my first year of nomadic living I traveled nearly coast to coast. I do not stay at RV parks or campgrounds. I boondock (dry camp) on BLM or National Forest Land in the heart of nature. Although my health was still very precarious, being in the quiet of nature allowed me to rest and recover into remission.

My first nomadic winter found me in Quartzsite, Arizona. Again, I fell in love with the Arizona desert and last year made it my legal homebase. These days my travels are contained mostly to the Southwest, predominately Arizona.

As the time passed I found my health improving and my body getting stronger. Thirteen years after my stroke, at age 57, I am now stronger than when I was a young adult.

I believe that living full-time in nature is what has cured me. The fresh air, the beauty and awe of the great outdoors and most importantly the sun is what has restored my health.

I have always been one of those people who thrive in the sun. My mood and my physical well being are always much improved by sunshine. I desperately needed Vitamin D from the sun to improve my condition.

I now understand why I was drawn to be a nomad and to live, for the most part, in Arizona. I needed to return to my natural self, return to nature and the sun in order to be whole.

I fully believe that living in cities and suburbs and breathing in and ingesting toxins ruined my health and my whole being. Being in nature reduced the toxin level for me enough that I could heal.

If you allow her, our Mother Goddess Gaia will heal you. What will you do in return for her?

(If you live in the city, do your best to get out in nature as much as possible. It will do you wonders!)


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