Life, Death, Infinity

Just passing through

I often speak of pre-life planning. We are eternal beings who existed before we were born into this life. Prior to coming into our lives we plan what we wish to get out of that life. What do we wish to learn, to achieve…how do we wish to grow? Moreover, we decide how we wish to contribute to the growth and ascension of the planet.

I don’t believe we plan every single moment of our lives but the events, be them big or small, which will effect our journey throughout this life. Will this event cause growth in ourselves, others or on a global scale? Which, believe it or not, effects the entire Universe.

Therefore, yes, we chose our date of birth and, yes, we chose our “death”, when and how we will leave our physical bodies behind and leave this plane.

I do not believe that any death is an accident. Just as I believe that no child is an accident. Although it may appear as an accident in the physical realm it was not. It was well planned and discussed between all parties involved in the ethereal plane.

With more and more people coming into this knowledge, fear and guilt are losing their power over us. Why fear death? As I have said in the past, it is going to happen to us all and we must, first and foremost, accept this. After acceptance comes the removal of fear. After which comes life, here and now, in the physical realm. We cannot live if we are in fear…especially of death.

Death is nothing more than an exit point from this realm and a return to our true Home. Only the body dies. We, ourselves, our truest essence does not. Therefore, look at “death” as a graduation not an ending. It is a step up in our Spiritual growth. It is on to the next level with the question “what is next for me?”

It is because of this that I do not concern myself with illness and death. I am not saying I do not care about my own suffering or that of others. Fear and concern are two different things. I suppose I have a more of “what will be, will be” attitude. This is called acceptance. I may not always be happy with it but acceptance allows me to face the realities and laws of the physical realm, thereby, allowing me to live my life without worrying about the future. Living life to its fullest.

I have just watched a very interesting video which I have embedded below. This doctor talks about how he changed his approach with his patients who are suffering from cancer (starting at 1:21:24). This approach has changed not just his life but the lives of his patients.

His attitude is that if the Soul of this particular patient chose cancer as a method to exit this realm, it is out of his control to change it. In other words, he cannot change their story which they planned pre-life. This alleviates his guilt and fear and makes him present and available to his patients which, in my humble opinion, is the greatest healing method. The doctor said death is not a failure, it is a transition. It is not an end because we are bigger after death than before.

In reality, it is Infinity, Life, Death, Infinity. Eternal means we existed before this life and we will exist after it.

(The above painting is one I did several years ago called “Just Passing Through”. It is my rendition of returning to our true Home.)


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