Make A Statement When You’re Camping!

Live Free Butterfly Enamel Camping Mug

As a full-time nomad I know the importance of traveling with unbreakable kitchenware. I started out my nomadic lifestyle with some ceramic and glass items but after two years and nine months I am down to just a few.

Why? Because while I am towing my travel trailer things shift and break. Also many of the campsites I dwell on have hard ground (this is how the screen cracked on my last phone). I have dropped things, particularly in the desert with its packed sand and stones, and that was the end of those things.

This is why I felt it important to offer unbreakable enamel mugs on my website. Even more important, offering mugs that make a statement….FREEDOM!

These mugs are tough, made of stainless steel with an enamel coating. Prints are my original designs. They are 3.07″ tall with a diameter of 3.39″.

Whether you’re a full-timer like me, a frequent camper or an occasional weekend camper, these mugs are perfect for every adventure!

To order please contact me at ($17.64 USD, does not include shipping)

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