Paintings On Ceramic Mugs

Live Free Butterfly Ceramic Mug

I have been mulling it over for quite some time and I have finally decided to make my print on demand merchandise available on this website.

I had a great deal of print on demand merchandise available on my previous website but I felt I had way too much, to the point that it may have been overwhelming to my customers.

Then I also must consider the fact that our economy at this time is very difficult for most to be able to afford high priced merchandise. Too much of the home decor merchandise just was not within the average customer’s budget.

When I created this new website I felt that I should just offer my original one of a kind art. I believed in this manner I could set my own prices more easily and make it more affordable. The problem with this is that I missed offering my print on demand merchandise.

So this morning I decided that I would bring back some of my merchandise but be more discerning about it. I wanted to offer the more practical merchandise and I decided to begin with Mugs, Cups & Water Bottles.

I have just completed my 11 oz ceramic mug merchandise, all featuring my one of a kind original paintings with bold statements.

If you would like to make a bold statement while enjoying your favorite hot beverage please contact me at to purchase a mug or two.

Coming soon! Bold statements for the campers in your life! Enamel Camping Mugs up next.

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