Ocean Wave With Coral Reef On Log – An Abstract

Ocean Wave On Log

When I began to save some of the debris I would pick up when I arrived at a new campsite for art, I did not typically pick up firewood. I usually used it myself or left it for the next camper; however, this log was so intriguing to me that I took it with me when I left.

I found the grain in the wood to beautifully mesmerizing. As I gazed at I began to see an ocean wave with a coral reef in the bottom left hand corner. I just could not resist painting an abstract on this piece of wood.

The wave is painted in shades of blue, aqua and white acrylics with a black starry sky above. The coral reef is painted in pink, green and purple.

Moreover, the back of the wood which was once the outside of the tree trunk is simply stunning. Once I put the finish on the beauty came out even more.

I hope you enjoy this abstract in acrylics. If you wish to purchase it please contact me at gypsywitchcreations@yahoo.com.


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