To Merely Observe

The Great Escape

When I first began my awakening I kept coming across the concept of “observing”. For the life of me, I could not understand what anyone meant by it. To me observing was just sitting and watching and not doing a damn thing.

Although I watched video after video and read blog post after blog post on the topic, I still did not get it. I decided to put it not so much on the back burner but filed it in the back of my mind to return to later in the hopes that I would be in a better place to understand one day.

Recently I noticed that I finally have an understanding of observance even though I did not consciously seek it. I realized that it is the current world situation which has brought me to this understanding. Thank you, powers that be!

Again, maybe this is just my version of observance. Maybe yours is different. And that is okay.

Despite what is going on in the world around me, I continue to live my life my way. I live it uniquely as Gypsy with my morals and opinions in tact. I live it joyfully despite what appears to be the world crumbing down around us.

The observing part comes in where I am watching and listening. I am aware of what is happening. I then proceed to analyze it from a more spiritual perspective than physical. Yet, all the while I do not let it affect my life.

Yes, there are times my blog posts and videos are emotional. Let’s face it, we are all emotional beings and at times we express said emotions. Even while expressing my strong opinions and emotions it is still me living my life my way all the time.

I will admit that what I planned for my life before incarnating has put me in a position where observation is much easier for me than it might be for others. I now live in what I consider a free state of the United States of America. If I lived in a place such as New York or California, could I merely observe? I don’t know because I am not there.

Observation does not mean merely sitting and watching while not taking action on something which desperately requires action. It means not allowing it to affect you to the point that it rules your life, causes you not to be able to think clearly and has you in despair.

I have great empathy for what is going on in our world today; however, my life has been unchanged by it. No matter what has occurred over the past two years, I lived my life as if nothing were going on other than having mature, intelligent discussions with others on what could be done to rectify this situation which we, as humanity, have allowed for way too long.

I do not live in fear. World events will not change who I am or how I live my life. I am concerned enough to take action but it does not consume me or effect the way I live.

Observing is not being blind to what is happening. Observing is not sitting back and watching a situation which you have currently incarnated for the purpose of participating in. It is definitely not wringing your hands in worry and angst.

I suppose much of my attitude is “I wonder what will happen next?” I do this with great curiousity. I wait and see but what I will never do is censor my thoughts, feelings and words about the situation. I will speak out and then I carry on.

Without observation how can we think clearly enough to come up with a solution?


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