The Fear Of Death

Just passing through

I was in one Christian denomination or another until the age of 45 when I finally realized that Christianity did not serve me. Yes, it works for some but not for all. There is no one size fits all when it comes to our spiritual paths.

In Christianity the wonders of life after this one were preached about; yet, never once I have ever come across a Christian who acted or spoke like it. “Choose life” is their mantra as if there is nothing after this. Death they view as evil which, from my perspective, does not make sense. How can something included in the natural cycle of life be evil?

I would like to point out that Christians are not the only ones with this attidue. I use them because they are who I am most familiar with due to the having been a Christian for 45 years thing.

The dark, frightening, skeletal figure clad in a cloak and holding a scythe is such a misconception and myth that I can’t imagine where it came from. I am willing to bet that someone invented it for the purposes of control.

The natural instinct to fear death and protect oneself is normal. Without out it how could the human species, or any species for that matter, survive. The problem comes in when you are so unaware of what death is that you allow it control your life.

Death from the physical standpoint does appear to be the end but as a psychic medium, I can tell you that it is a mere illusion. What is not an illusion is the death of the physical body. You, your true self, lives on for eternity, however.

From what I have witnessed with family members who have gone before me and working with hospice, when a person is approaching the end of their physical life, that instinct to protect and “hold on” to the body fades. They are more willing to pass from physical form into full spiritual form.

I have spoken of pre-life planning often. This is when we plan our lives before incarnating into them. We plan the major events, one of them being the time frame in which we will cross back over into the Spirit Realm (die). It is my belief that no one leaves this plane before the planned time frame.

Because of my perceptions on this topic I am one of those who is very difficult to control with death. I feel that any major event my Higher Self planned for this lifetime will occur and, on the opposite end, if I did not plan it, chances are very low that it will happen.

For instance, any physical or mental malady I have suffered thus far was planned by me in my highest form before incarnation. The depression, the stroke, etc. were planned for various reasons which I will not go into now as I do not feel they are pertinent to this post.

Therefore, I need not live in fear because if it is going to happen it will. I need not worry about contracting a virus because if I did not plan it then it will not happen. If I did plan it, it will happen.

If I did plan to get an illness my transition from physical to nonphysical is dependent on my life plan. If said virus was meant to be the way I return Home to the Spirit Realm then it will happen.

I can understand the anxiety of the “pre-death” situation. Our lack of spiritual memory makes it seem like the unknown. Then there is the pain factor. How much pain and suffering will I endure? My feeling is that throughout our lives we have experienced so much pain that the pain of crossing over will be comparable.

When death of the body occurs it is not the skeletal figure that greets you. Typically it is your family members who have gone before and if not them, then Guides, angels or the Ascended Master which you know such as Jesus. The beings who greet you and escort you are always benevolont.

This thing about hell and Satan? Well, let’s consider this, if our Creator (God or whatever name you choose) is all loving then how can these concepts exist? Remember, in this physical realm the control of the masses is, and in my opinion soon to be was, the name of the game. Create any scenario filled with fear so that control may be gained.

Death is not to be feared and it must be accepted because one day it will occur for us all. When you arrive back to your truest form in the Spirit Realm (heaven) you will be glad that you arrived.

The day of our physical death is our graduation day. There will be celebrating in the Spirit Realm.

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