Is Truth Relative?

Several years ago there was a lot of hype in the spiritual community about truth being relative. I was very interested in this concept at the time; however, when any concept in spirituality gets to the point of impracticality, I lose interest.

So, is truth relative?

Yes…and no.

When taking truth under consideration we must remember where we, as spiritual beings, currently reside…the physical realm. This more solid lower density makes some truths nearly indisputable no matter who we are speaking to.

And yes, this world is a mere illusion…all the world is a stage; however, while we are playing our roles it is very real. And let’s face it, to those who are not as far along on their journey, it is all there is.

In the middle of summer when gazing at a blade of grass we all agree that it is green. This is a truth. What causes the truth to be relative is how each individual perceives green. As an artist, I have always wondered how others see green, red or any other color. We all know those colors but do they look the same to all of us?

The fact is that our planet is going through a very difficult time and a major transition. That is a truth…a fact. I don’t think anyone can deny this. What is relative is how we perceive these problems. The causes, the solutions, the outcome…all relative until they become fact…but even then they may still be relative.

To deny the truth that one is broke, does not have money for food or necessities is not a relative truth. To deny the obvious is insanity and dangerous.

Truth being relative, in my humble opinion, is based on the spiritual aspects of our beings. What we believe about our Creator, the afterlife, other realms, beings from other planets is where I believe that truth is relative.

For instance, there is no one size fits all spiritual path or religion. What we initially believe at the begining of our lives is based on geographical location, culture, heritage, etc. Someone else who is in different circumstances will have a different religious belief. Which one is wrong in what they believe to be true? Neither is wrong.

This is where relativity comes in. No one will be denied an afterlife because they did not believe the correct religion. There is not one person who will be condemned for not believing this or that. What I am trying to say is that anything you believe regarding religion is a relative truth. Whatever your choice is religiously (even atheism) is perfectly okay and will never negatively effect your afterlife.

When it comes to spiritual experiences, I must say that from this physical dimension, even that is relative no matter how true it appears to you. Whether you are a psychic, astral traveler, a remote viewer, etc etc, it is still relative.

We each experience and perceive our spiritual experiences very differently. We interept them differently which is all just fine. When we share our experiences, no matter our perception, we are putting them together like a puzzle which will make up the whole. Again, what you experience will not make or break you.

No one religion is better than another. No one spiritual path or experience is better than another. Spirituality is not a race or a competition and never ever should it be a war!

We are all on different paths heading to the same place…our true Home. I’ll see you when we get there.

When we get there we will see the whole truth clearly and realize that all we bickered about here was unimportant.


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