Moving On To A New Season

Today being Wednesday, I stayed home as I typically do to catch up with things around my campsite. When I spoke with my son on the phone this morning I told him that I saw no reason to open my booth on Saturday either since business has been slow in addition to it being Christmas.

My son suggested that I take the rest of the week to stay home and begin new pieces in preparation for January and spring. Leave Christmas behind, in other words. Smart thing for him to say on what would have been his deceased brother’s 34th birthday.

After thinking about it, I decided it is a wonderful idea. Of course, Persephone, my cat, enjoys this even more than I do. She hates when I leave her plus she is not permitted to be outside when I am not at home. She is going to love this!


So I began a new painting on ironwood. In anticipation of spring I decided to do a painting of the Green Man.

With this piece I am going with the flow and am feeling very relaxed about it. After painting his face I decided to be less concerned with the details than I typically am and paint leaves and branches haphazardly throughout.

The begining of this evening’s painting session.

The anticipation of the winter holidays coming to an end (December is such a difficult month for me) has me overflowing with artistic ideas of new life and rebirth. I suppose I should write them down or do rough sketches lest I forget them. I have a bad habit of losing my ideas to absent mindedness.

This piece should be complete within the next week. I am excited to share the end result with you!


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