AfraidOf Change

It seems that most of my life I have heard “That is just the way things are.”

Acceptance can be a good thing but when taken to the point that you must settle for less than what you deserve it then becomes unhealthy.

It implies you are powerless and can do nothing about your situation. There may be times where this is true but I feel if something does not serve then there is a way out…a change is possible.

On an individual level this is fairly easy to grasp; however, I must admit that whenever that trite phrase was thrown my way it was in regards to the way the world is run. In other words, I or anyone else can not do anything to change it so I must accept and comply.

If that alone does not bring about depression, I don’t know what will. Being told you must accept a world and life you do not wish for yourself is devestating. At least it was for me.

Why couldn’t I have the life I wanted? Why did I have to conform? Why could I not create a world where art, the supernatural and psychic abilities were valued? Why could I not live in a world of freedom, beauty and love? Why did I have to hide who I truly am in shame?

I did my best to be a “responsible adult” and complied to the world which the Powers That Be created and controlled and we, the masses, agreed to. It was not an enjoyable life. Not the life I was accustomed to because the majority of my incarnations were elsewhere. In a place where the life I desired exists.

I complied to the point that not even my two sons knew who I truly am. When I did come out of the closet and introduced the True Me to everyone my younger child was shocked. He was not sure he liked the “new mom”.

What was it that gave me the strenght and courage to expose the real me? As is typical of us all, one of those darned Soul Contracts we agree to while planning our lives before incarnating. The one that woke me up and got me out was the death of my older son.

My anger was so great that I decided it was the last straw and I was going to live free and be myself no matter who did not like it. The more time that passed the stronger I grew in my convictions and promises to myself.

No longer did I hide my artistic abilities and comply with the lie that artists cannot “make a living”. No longer would I believe a world who said that who I am is evil….yes, I see dead people and I am now proud of it. No longer would I keep my thoughts to myself because my opinions and ideas differ from the majority. This is me world…take me as I am or leave me…you know where the door is. Don’t let it hit you in the culo on the way out.

I am happy to report that my younger son is now fine with the “real mom”. In fact I think he is proud of my bravery and sense of adventure which previously he believed did not exist in the woman who gave birth to him.

We are such powerful creators and can create the changes we need in our lives through imagination, hard work and a whole lot of courage. I’ve been there and done that time and time again.

Accepting things as they have been for generations upon generations is the road to destruction for humanity. We have been on it for a long time…crime, murder, mental illness, suicide, etc. It all serves the Powers That Be quite well because it has us living in constant fear. What better way to control an entire planet than fear…there is none.

We never had to agree to this. We never had to accept this. We can have a world of freedom, beauty and love. Why? Because people are, at their deepest core (spiritually where the true self exists), beings of love and light. The problem arises when each and every person is told over and over again from the moment they are born that they are sinful, bad, incapable and need others to make decisions and “take care of them”. Let’s face it, if you tell someone something enough times they begin to believe it and then act upon.

No, humanity is creative and powerful and in our deepest hearts we are aware of this and that we deserve better. We can govern and take care of ourselves, our families and communities. We no longer, nor did we ever, need governments and corporations to run our lives. We are powerful and capable. And always remember, there are more of us than there are of them.

Imagine if each and every one of us joined our powerful creativity and manifestation skills as one mass consensus to bring about a change so powerful that we never again will hear the phrase “that is just the way things are”.

The time has come for a new era. It is already in motion. It is happening now. The choice is yours…move on up to a life of higher vibrations or remain in the old paradigm. We all have a choice to make. It is time to make the choice…old or new?


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