Tough Times & Blessings

Winter in Quartzsite, Arizona is vendor season. Every where you look in town there are vendors set up selling everything you can imagine: RV supplies, hardware, rummage sale items, jewelry, crystals, art, crafts and one artist/psychic medium (that would be me).

The third Saturday of the month I vend at the Quartzsite Senior Center (of which I am a member in order to vend there and by right of passage, ie age). After the craft show was over we all were standing around discussing how no one is buying this year.

Yes, the customers came but rarely any purchased. They looked at our wares and creations and were generous with the compliments but did not buy. This seems to be a theme this year because times are tough. Yet, we, as vendors, came to the final conclusion that it does not matter because we have fun doing what we do.

With the economy tanking of late ,people are finding it difficult to buy the necessities let alone the extras. The many snowbirds and tourists who travel to Quartzsite each year showed up but just are not spending as they used to.

Yes, times are tough right now but I know deep within my very being that this too shall pass and my business will be successful. I am so certain of this that I am forging ahead with my passion and dream of being a traveling artist/psychic vendor that I am now applying for various fairs and shows for the upcoming spring/summer season. I have even started a calendar on this website entitled Where Is Gypsy Now? It is this hope, persistence and manifestation which I consider a blessing despite the difficult times.

Does life get any better when you go to work everyday and live your passion? I think this as I am leaving my booth and heading back to my camp every evening. As I await customers I sit at my booth and paint, craft and create. Not only is this a dream come true but my customers love to see my work in action.

Here is something I am very shocked to find and I suppose it is noticable because business is slow. I make more money doing psychic readings than selling my art despite the praise my art receives. This, too, is a blessing.

Ah, but today…an added beautiful blessing!

A neighborhood girl sleeps over at my friend’s place from time to time. Last night was one such night.

In the afternoon this girl of 8 years with amazing blue eyes graced me with her presence. We spent the afternoon painting together. She gathered rocks and used my supplies to create beauty!

I had such fun with her and we decided to create a space on my booth table for her artwork with a sign indicating they are available for purchase. I promised her that I would make an envelope with her name on it in which any money made from the sale of her art would go in and be given to her.

Her father arrived mid afternoon to pick her up. This single dad who is typically stoic had a grin on his face as he watched us and became more talkative.

Being a single father to a little girl must be tough and I could feel his gratitude that I took an interest in his daughter. He was thinking of everything he could to offer me although it was never my intent to want anything in return. It has been years since I have been able to enjoy arts and crafts with a child and I miss it so much. Yet, he was insistent and gave me a beautiful rough snowflake obsidian.

This afternoon was such a blessing for me that it got me to contemplate on whether I should offer art classes for cthe town’s hildren. This would be another venture from my heart and not very lucrative but it sounds fun. You see, there are not many children in Quartzsite. Mostly just us old fogies and many of these families do not have the money for extras.

Yet I have sat here all day wondering if I could pull it off by asking for a small offering of the parents to merely cover the children’s art supplies. Possibly take a day or an afternoon away from my booth and have fun teaching art to the children?

I just don’t know. What I do know was that I was blessed with a beautiful afternoon by a beautiful little incarnated spirit and I have so much to be grateful for that this tough time is more or less a mere observation for me.


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