A Native Tribute

I have finally completed the piece I have been working on so painstakingly. I worked on this with great care, love and diligence regardless of what anyone may think.

This painting means a lot to me because as I painted it I thought of a man I know…an Iriquois Native man who lived on the land I lived on in Northeast Ohio.

The last sticks and bricks home I lived in was on a horse farm in Northeast Ohio. One afternoon as I was smudging I glanced out the back kitchen door and saw a man walking the circular drive. When he passed behind a large pine and did not appear on the other side I became suspicious that he was not currently incarnated. In other words, he was a Spirit.

I began to see him from time to time. Once while in my kitchen I saw him walk past my window so I went to the other window to look for him. I looked up the driveway and down but he was nowhere to be found.

Native Tribute On Antique Wood Lid With Leather Straps, Wood Beads And Feathers

Since that time I have been very drawn to Native culture and from what I have read, the beliefs and love of nature and the land is very similar to witchcraft and paganism.

After I began seeing this gentleman from the 1600’s wandering the property I had a lucid dream where I met with a shaman in a very large teepee. I remember he had a very large medicin wheel hanging in his teepee which I admired greatly. He told me that when I moved out west I would find one for myself.

Therefore, it was with great admiration that I painted this tribute.

I found an old wooden lid to possibly a barrel in a friend’s thrift shop and decided to paint this on it. I finished it off with attaching leather straps to the rim with large wooden beads and feathers hanging down.

If you would like to see the step by step process of me creating this piece, please join me on Patreon.

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