Spirituality: Does One Size Fit All?

Yes, yes, I am going on another one of my rants about the spiritual community being just like organized religion. It has come to the point that I don’t want to refer to myself as spiritual; however, when people come to my booth and ask for a reading that might not make sense.

Spirituality is a unique and personal journey. No two people travel exactly the same path. The markers of growth or lack thereof and signs from guides and angels varies from person to person.

Despite all of this I am constantly hearing others being judged, and, likewise, I have been judged on spiritual progress. I wonder how this can be. How can one discern the growth and/or the life lessons of another? And why is not one minding their own spiritual growth and progress? I am often tempted to ask the accuser if he or she spoke to their target’s Spirit Guides to get this information. My Guide tells me that Guides are not permitted to give out such personal information.

Is there a bible for the spiritual community which some have read, memorize and then go door to door bashing other spiritualists in the head with it?

This physical realm is obsessed with labels to the point that it leaves no room for other possibilities which are vast within the Universe. This leaves one limited and blocked in and blind to learning more.

What I hear often from the Spirit Realm is that while we are advancing in our Spiritual knowledge here on Earth there is still much we do not understand or know. Quite often we have a grain of the truth but not the whole plant. We must always bear in mind that while we are incarnated our Spiritual memories and knowledge are lacking and we do not know it all.

Far be it from me to judge another’s spirituality. Spiritual growth, which entails reincarnation and the “roles” we came here to play, is so complicated it is not possible for us to judge another. There may be someone you know who appears to be very immature and/or cruel. This very person could be a very advanced spirit who contracted to play this role for the benefit of an individual or the entire planet. So, how can we possible know where someone is on their spiritual journey or if they have many life lessons to learn or very little?

The throwing around of trite spiritual phrases and bantering always has me shying away and running in the other direction. I refuse to participate and very rarely use these phrases. When used as ammunition to judge another in order to make you feel spiritually superior, you are wounding another spiritual being who is another piece of the whole as you are.

There are no set signs which indicate need for spiritual maturity or the quantity of lessons to be learned during this current life time. The person who does not like it here on planet Earth does not need to like it here in order to be spiritually mature. What appears to be a lack of gratitude and appreciation for “life” (afterall, life is eternal and continues on after “death”) may actually be spiritual memory triggering homesickness of our true Home (the Spirit Realm) and not an indication of suicidal ideology. Maybe this person has an E.T. Soul and does not typically incarnate on Earth and is, therefore, uncomfortable here.

Are dietary habits truly an indication of Spiritual progress? I have never heard this from the Spirit Realm. What I do hear is that your PHYSICAL body will be in better health and, yes, it helps to open the Third Eye and “see” more clearly. Yet I find it difficult to believe that if any Spiritual person decides to eat something which is deemed unhealthy by the Spiritual community they are then spiritually immature. This, again, is no measure of Spiritual growth. It is the Spirit (the true you) which is spiritually advancing, not the physical body.

Remember we are mirrors to one another and projection and spiritual bypassing are very easy mistakes to make.

For your comedic entertainment and to enhance my point please enjoy this video by JP Sears.


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