The Mystery Lid

A couple of weeks ago I found an old wooden lid in my friend’s thrift store. I am not sure what it once belonged to…a barrel, a basket? All I knew was I just had to have it because, as usual, I could do something with that.

It did not take long before I had three different images in my head for this beautiful, old wood lid. I considered doing one of my winter scenes which I just adore painting, a Native American theme or a western theme. The choice was difficult so I had to ask opinions from family and friends. Here is yet another sneak peek video….My subscribers to this website know they are going to see the finished product because I just can’t resist sharing it with you.

Friday I was working at my booth and a woman stopped by. She said she had also stopped by last week, which I have a vague memory of as people just seem to like to stop and watch me work. She told me I do beautiful work and she remembered me working on a round item. I thought at first she meant my Sunflower On Round Wood, which is complete, but I was mistaken. It was actually this current piece I am working on.

She told me that I do beautiful work and that she is shopping for unique Christmas presents for her family. She said she would like to stop by every couple of days to see if I have completed this wood lid project because she would like to buy it. Although I understand that many times when a potential customer says they will return to buy something they do not, but she made my day. My reasoning is that if she stopped by twice she is more serious than the typical customer.

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