My First Metal Sculpture!

My partner who I share a booth with has what I call an Outdoor Thrift Store. I think it has a nice ring to it. She recently got in a whole lot of old metal signs and, of course, I could not resist. I had my usual thought, “I could do something with these!”

So I rummaged through her stash and sat and thought about it for two whole days before an image formed in my mind’s eye.

You see, my process with my salvaged art is first something yelling out to me, “take me home! You need me!” Then I have to sit and stare at it for as long as it takes for me to “hear” what said item wants me to create from it.

This morning was when I finally got the message as to what the scrap metal wished to be transformed into. I always get so excited when I get the vision of what something is to be.

So, I started the “transformation” this afternoon. I began a video for my Patreon page and wish to share the first episode with you. One day I will be able to purchase a good video camera with a tripod so that I can record as I work instead of video taping each stage in segments.

I hope you enjoyed this little “diddy”. If you wish to see the rest of the process and what this beautiful metal turns into, please join me on Patreon!

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