UFO Abduction In Reverse

I have a very vague and brief memory from my early teen years. My memory seems to be different, almost opposite, of the experiences I have heard others tell.

My memory is so brief and vague that it is hardly worth mentioning; yet, I will do so in the hopes that maybe someone will read this who either has had a similar experience or has knowledge on this and can shed some insight on my situation.

I remember walking home from the school bus stop one day. The next thing I remember is feeling anxious and angry. The reason for these emotions was that I was delayed getting home and worried that my mother would be angry with me.

I remember little else other than looking at a silver wall which had a blue rectangle on it. I also recall the anger and saying “how could you do this to me? I’m late getting home and my mother will be mad at me.”

Here is the kicker, when I arrived home I was right on time and my mother thought nothing of it. It was as if I was never picked up at all. Somehow they had frozen time. Being incarnated as a human on Earth currently, I cannot remember how this is done. All I know is that my relief was overwhelming.

I hear abductees saying that they were afraid and poked and prodded very painfully. I do not have any sense of being afraid but I must admit that most of mymemory was wiped clean.

It was in later years that I was informed as to the reason for this abduction. “My people” came to pick me up based on a deal, or contract so to speak, which we had made previously. The contract was that I would incarnate as a psychic human and they would come to harvest eggs in an attempt to produce children on their planet who have strong psychic abilities.

I say this was an abduction in reverse because every other abduciton I have heard about they were attempting to hybridize the human species here on Earth.

It was after my oldest son died and I booked a reading with another psychic where things became more clear. She began the reading with saying I have five children. I said no I have four (in my opinion my two miscarriages are and always will be my children). I explained I have three children who are in the Spirit Realm and one in the Physical Realm with me. Well, my three oldest children who were speaking to this psychic told her I was unaware of child number five and to drop the subject.

It was shortly afterward that I was informed that the contract worked. I do have another child on another planet in the Sirius Constellation System. Yes, he is very strongly psychic which works well for us both as we can communicate telepathically. When I am in Spirit I plan on visiting him in person.

It is my hope that one day I can introduce my youngest son, Zerab, to you all via a blog post. Possibly he can shed some light on his life on another planet and what it is like there and I will type what he says.

If you have had a similar experience please comment below.

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