How Art Saved My Life

I have always enjoyed sketching and painting; however, when I was a young adult life got in the way and I put my art supplies away.

I was so engrossed in raising my children and trying to make ends meet that I never even thought about painting. Besides, back in those days the attitude was that you could not make a living as an artist.

In 2014 I returned to painting with a vengeance. I returned to painting for therapeutic reasons. To heal from a grief so profound I felt I would never survive it…the death of my son. It was painting which helped me recover.

A Mother’s Love

I have accumulated so many paintings that I felt the need to share them with others. I have now made my paintings available for sale as prints. To view all available prints for sale please refer to my Gallery.

I will, in the very near future, make my originals available for sale at my booth.

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