OMG! It FINALLY Happened!

Purple Rose Oak Medallion Hanging Ornament

After nearly two months, I am excited to announce that my domain,, has finally transferred! Now by simply entering my web address you will end up on this website.

Whew! I thought it would never happened and I was worried about having to change all my marketing such as business cards, booth sign and truck decals. This is truly a load off my mind and a reason for a personal celebration.

Anyway, I was able to get a few small projects done over the last couple of days and have two large projects in the works. The smaller projects I have shown in the photos below. The bigger projects will hopefully be shared in the near future. I am very excited about them!

The above photos are of two oak medallions I just finished. The first one is called “Purple Rose” and the second is “Winter On The Farm”. Now that I have done a few winter scenes I think the next miniature painting I will do will be a desert scene.

This is a barrette I created which is simply called “Natural”. It is made of braided leather with wood beads and plastic natural looking beads.

If you are interested in purchasing art or wish to book an appointment for a psychic reading please contact me at

Should you be in the Southwest, please stop by and see me! I am located at 960 W. Main Street, #19, Quartzsite, Arizona. I have plenty of unique art and psychic Spirit readings are available. I will be in Quartzsite until March and then…who knows where! See you soon!

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