Living My Dream

I have been very busy with my booth these days. I never realized that it would take up so much of my time but I am loving it!

Busy season in Quartzsite has not started yet so sales are low at the moment; however, after the holidays the snowbirds come flocking in. The winter weather and the Big Tent Event RV Show is the big draw. It is one big festival that lasts approximately a month. People peruse the booths and purchase items. I’ve never been one to leave my trailer at that time of the year but this year, due to my new business venture, I am looking forward to it.

I have found that running a business at home on the internet is very distracting. There is always something to be done around camp and my art and my business would often get put on the back burner. What I find with having a booth is that I have nothing else to do but run my business. I have time for admin work and spend most of the day painting. A dream come true!

I am enjoying this so much that I have been researching craft fairs and how to follow the craft fair circuit to make money. I am also going to be inquiring around town on the best way to do this. At this time of the year Quartzsite is filled with professional full time vendors who know the ropes.

I am no good at on-line marketing and find I do much better the old fashioned way, in person. I have created a booth so unique that it attracts attention. I realized that in addition to that I also should have an eye catching sign. I hired a friend to design and make a sign…18″ x 24″, the perfect size for my 10′ x 10′ booth!

I am very proud to find that I now have everything I need to be self-sufficient as a full-time professional nomadic vendor! Truck, trailer, camping gear, merchandise, tables, canopy and now…A SIGN!

If you happen to find yourself in the Southwest, please come visit me. I am at 960 W. Main Street, #19, Quartzsite, Arizona. I will be there until March.


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