How Does A Psychic Work?

To be honest, I don’t know. I’m a psychic and I really do not have the answer to that question but I will tell you what I can.

I’d like to start off by saying that not all psychics work the same and that there are so many different types of psychic abilities that having a generalized across the board answer is not even possible.

All I know is that when I connect to the higher realm, I must be calm, centered, clear minded and without expectation.

If I am having a bad day and feeling stressed it is not that I cannot communicate with Spirits…it is just that me being frazzled makes it all the more difficult. I feel as if I must strain to hear anyone who is not of the physical realm.

Centered and clear minded I learned to do through meditation. Being centered for me means being grounded and fully planted within my body. Clearing my mind is not having any thoughts while hearing spirits. I know that sounds impossible to most but once you get used to meditating, clearing the mind comes automatically.

That being said, psychic abilities consist of those who can communicate with spirit, divination such tarot, scrying, etc., astrology, energy healing, astral projection, remote viewing and the list goes on. And, believe it or not, intuition IS a psychic abilitiy.

Although I have two Tarot decks, I rarely use them because spirit communication is my main psychic abilitiy with astral projection being second.

When it comes to spirit communication there are the clairs: clairvoyant (clear seeing), claircognizant (clear knowing), clairaudient (clear hearing) and clairsentient (clear feeling). Every psychic medium has one clair which is his or her strongest. There are many spirit communicators who have only one clair. I believe my strongest clair is clairsentient with my secondary being clairaudient, although I have and do use all the clairs at one time or another.

Clairvoyant, or clear seeing, is not only with the physical eyes. Although many psychics do see spirits and images with their physical eyes, there are also many who see with their Spiritual Eye, also known as the Third Eye.

When I see other realms or even the past with my physical eyes it looks the same as seeing anyone or anything in the physical realm. The best way for me to know that who or what I am seeing is from the Spirit Realm is for the person in Spirit to tell me or the animal or object which is not of the physical realm disappears before my eyes. Needless to say, there have been times I have been confused.

I would also like to add that when I see with my physical eyes, it can be in many forms. I often see energy which I call sparklies because it looks like sparkles to me. These sparkles are the presence and energy of a spirit who is nearby. I also often see white light which is either a column or in the shape of a human or animal. Then again, I can also see the spirit clearly and exacgtly as when they were incarnated.

Seeing with the Third Eye is viewing images within your mind which a Spirit sends you. These images are a very popular form of communication between the realms. My visions can range anywhere from faded to detailed and realistic.

Claircognizant is, in my opinion, the most common clair and even those who believe they are not psychic experience this phenomena. Clear knowing is just that…knowing something without being told or understanding how you know it. It is intuition. Many times it is spirit using a common trick where they put a thought, idea or knowledge within your mind without you being aware of it.

Clairaudiant, like clairvoyant, can be with the physical ears or with the spiritual ears. Many psychics can hear the “other side” with their physical ears just as they would hear anyone else in the physical realm while others hear with their spiritual ears (telepathically). Again, there are those who hear with physical and spiritual ears.

Clairsentient, or clear feeling, means that a psychic can feel the presence of spirits.

We all have a unique presence whether we are “dead” or “alive”. Many times a psychic knows who the spirit is just by the feeling. This is also possible with those who are currently incarnated. For instance, I could always feel my father’s presence even when I did not see or hear him walk into the room. Now that my dad is in spirit it works exactly the same way, I can feel his presence when he is near.

I believe that we all start out with our strongest clair. As we use and exercise that clair the other clairs then come into our list of psychic abilities. It is like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it gets.

Although I have the ability of all the clairs, I do not have control which clair will be used at any given time or reading. I must tell everyone who I read for that I cannot predict what will happen or by what mode I will be commnicating in at that time. Maybe some day I will have control over it but I just don’t know.

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