Persephone And The Moon: A Painting On Ironwood

My paintings are inspired by many things…anything from nature to my cat. Sometimes it is the mere shape of a leaf or a piece of wood which inspires an idea.

One night when my kitten, Persephone, was three months old, she sat gazing out the window at the night sky. It was such a beautiful sight to behold that I felt I must do something artistic with it.

The first project I came up with was a painting on 350 lbs multi-purpose paper. I was quite pleased with the results and I received positive feedback from others.

Persephone And The Moon On Mutli-Purpose Paper

Being a nomad during the summer, I get around quite a bit. While in Pioche, Nevada I visited Boot Hill Cemetery. Just outside the entrance I found two slices of a tree trunk. Apparently a tree had just been chopped down and I felt the need to bring the wood home with me.

I decided to paint another version of Persephone And The Moon on this wood slice.

Persephone And The Moon On Tree Trunk Slice

The above version on the tree trunk sold immediately. It was after this that I became obsessed with painting on wood which you will notice should you follow this blog.

A friend of mine is a wood artist and when he mentioned that he would be coming to town to visit I asked that he bring whatever wood scraps he has on hand. All I can say is that when he arrived I was like a child on Christmas morning! He arrived bearing sliced up oak branches, long slabs of gorgeous cedar, several slabs of ironwood and a cypress root.

I chose a slice of ironwood to paint another version of Persephone And The Moon. This is the end result and it is currently for sale ($50 USD).

Persephone And The Moon On Ironwood

Ironwood is very heavy; therefore, the above piece must be sold in person due to the cost of shipping.

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