Birthstone Hair Barrettes

Living in the town which I do, I have easy access to crystals. Everywhere you look in Quartzsite, Arizona there are crystal shops and crystal vendors. Not to mention, as our town name implies, there is quartz wherever you walk in the desert.

I cannot help but walk through the desert and pick up quartz and various other beautiful rocks that I find. I hold them in my hands and feel their energy. Sometimes I carry them with me for a bit or bring them back to my trailer and keep them for a time before returning them to the desert.

Similarly, in the many shops and vendors’ stands I walk through and caress and handle the crystals. I love the feel of not only their energies and earthiness but the coolness they emit, especiall on a hot desert day.

What I have been fascinated by recently is the beauty of the crystal beads. As I was running my fingers along the long strands of beads I was wondering if there was something I could create with these beautiful crystals.

After doing research I found that most months have more than one birthstone…December has three! I realized that finding the gem stones for the months was difficult even in Quartzsite but the alternative stones, typically a crystal, was readily available.

Birthstones…very common to make jewelery with and there are many jewelry artists in my area. I wanted to come up with something a bit different. Something that not many artists create.

Finally it hit me! Hair barrettes!

For the past couple of months I have been frequenting my favorite crystal shop which stocks a plethora of crystal beads. Each month I purchase enough beads to complete two birth months of barrettes. I decided to begin with the current month at the time in case someone wanted to purchase a hair piece as a birthday present. Presently, I have completed and uploaded on this website October, November, December and today I published January.

February and March will be coming soon!

My only concern is what to do about a month such as April where there is only one birthstone and it is a DIAMOND! Well, I suppose I’ll just have to ask the crystal expert at the shop I frequent how to handle this situation.

If you wish to purchase a hair barrette, please contact me at or, if you are in the area, I may be found at 960 W. Main Street, Quartzsite, AZ across from Ken’s Discount Groceries.

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