New Beginnings

Gypsy Witch Creations & Psychic Services

Last winter I decided to take the plunge and open an online shop featuring my artwork, particularly my paintings. I had felt that it would be easier to sell my art if it were practical, usable and wearable so I signed on with an e-commerce site and used drop ship printing companies.

I ended up with so much stock in my shop that it was overwhelming even to me. Add to that the fact that I could not set my prices reasonably and still make money. Additionally, I missed creating and began to list original art work and then added psychic readings to the mix.

Then over the summer gas prices rose, which is never good for a nomad, and then groceries and such began to sky rocket. I realized that not only could I not afford my e-commerce site fees but my customers were in no position to purchase high end artsy merchandise. I needed to make a change!

I had been planning for quite some time to rent a booth for the winter season in Quartzsite, Arizona so I began to do research in the hopes that I could sell at a more affordable price. What I found was that the price of a booth, which, to be honest, does include an RV space with full hookups, was out of my budget and I gave up on that dream.

I ended up leaving the ecommerce site and turned my domain into an art gallery/blog. It is my hope that my art and psychic services will get enough attention to warrant some online business.

While in the midst of switching my website over to another host provider I had someone in town inquire about the advertisement on the side of my pickup. She wanted to know if I sold my items in the town of Quartzsite. I told her I had wanted to but found I could not afford it. She told me of a friend of hers whose business partner could not follow through due to health issues and she needed a new partner to share her booth with. I took the information from her with no expectations.

On my 57th birthday I went to visit the woman who was renting this particular booth. The first price she gave me for sharing the booth with her was out of my budget and I was honest with her about it. She lowered the price and it was affordable for me! We made a business arrangement and became fast friends.

It has been six days since I set up my booth and the winter season has just begun with hardly any tourists yet and my new website is still under construction. Today, however, I made my first sale. Someone asked me for a reading and it went so well that he is bringing another person back for a reading. So, it appears that things will work well here for me.

I am finding I enjoy selling the old fashioned way…in person. I love being able to look my customers and clients in the eye. I love the conversation, meeting new people and being personable. I will, however, continue my on-line presence because in this day and age having both a physical shop and an online shop is a very wise idea.

Should you desire to purchase any of my art or request a psychic Spirit reading you may contact me at

Also, please remember, you can find me on:





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