Chemtrails, Contrails, Cloud Seeding. What Do You Think?

We’ve been having a lot of chemtrails in my area lately but this morning I awoke to much more than usual. Later in the morning after watching a video by @JeanClaude BeyondMystic003 I felt the need to do a video on the topic myself.

More Emergency Lighting And Building Projects

I awoke to skies filled with massive amounts of chemtrails but this video is not about that. The next video will be, however. This is a short update on the progress of my little homestead. I purchased more emergency lighting supplies and building projects are coming along although more slowly than I’d like.

Homemade Yuletide Body Spray

I love making my own body spray and experimenting with different scents. I have come up with a different scent for each season. In this video I share with you how I make my Yuletide scent.

i I Got A Wood Burning Cook Stove!!!

I’ve been looking for the perfect wood burning stove and today I found it! It’s in great condition and only needs cleaning and a chimney. Now all I have to do is build my tiny home.

Is Trade/Barter The Key To Our Freedom?

I’ve been wanting to get into trading and bartering for quite some time now. Yesterday I made my first trade and I’m thinking “I could live like this”. Without crypto or a fiat currency system we can’t be controlled. Is trading the key to our freedom?

Earth: A Planet Of Abundance

Although this video doesn’t appear to be about homesteading and survival, it actually is. This planet is full of everything we need to survive. It’s time we went back to seeing that and being grateful for it. We can unmanifest the way things are now and become self-reliant and joyful.