Take Responsibility For Yourself

Nothing in this world makes sense anymore. One of the biggest problems I cannot understand is blaming someone else’s actions on those who had no involvement. Being responsible for yourself does not just include self-care.

Catio Build Part 1

Well, I got started with the catio today. Now that I have three cats I need to make it a doozy! I have all kinds of ideas to put in it to entertain my babies. This is just the small beginning.

Let’s Not Turn This Into A Witch Hunt

With all the polarization occurring today we must learn to turn on our spidey senses and use discernment. What is truly immoral and must be dealt with? What is truly worth getting bent out of shape about? Is what is right for yourself,right for all?

Pallet Shed Update

Although weather prevented me from completed the shed, I got more done than meets the eye.

Are We Being Duped?

I can’t help but wonder if many of those who post about being pro immoral behavior on social media aren’t actually real people. Are they bots? Are they hired to make it seem as if there are more of them than there are of us?